Noel Painting – Giving 200% Every day

Noel Painting 1

Travis Noel has been a painter his entire life. Owner of Noel Painting, he says, “Our company started as a truly family business, with my brothers and I painting alongside our parents.”

Travis’ father Steve started the business in the family’s garage in Indiana. When their household moved to Southwest Florida in 1988, Steve went to work building a business that has grown to be one of the most respected in the state, as far as painting contractors go.

Working alongside his father on summer breaks, Travis joined the business full time, 30 years ago. Today he says, “My dad still works in the business and I enjoy making him proud of the company he started almost 40 years ago. Our company bears our family name, and that to me is both a motivator and a big responsibility.”

When he was in the field everyday, Travis says his favorite thing to do was “spray.” He explains, “I just enjoyed the fast pace and the instant gratification of painting several houses in a day. There is something special about having the spray gun in your hands and hearing the sounds it makes!”

Noel Painting was growing at a fast pace in the early 2000’s but when the economy hit the skids in 2008, they were forced to reorganize and restructure, diversifying the client base and laying the groundwork for expansion.

Expansion is coming in the form of franchising, according to Felipe Fiuza, Vice President of Franchise Development. The idea is to empower and support local painters who want to start their own business. He says, “There are a lot of obstacles the small guys face that we can help them with, especially with discounts, supplies, and we have a brand that opens doors.”

Travis’ wife Kim also works for the company. Not only does the couple work together, they work out together…twice a day. He says, “Kim and I are very committed to staying healthy. I don’t take being healthy for granted.”

Two years ago he was overweight and in bad shape. A lifestyle change lead to a 40-pound weight loss and today Travis says, “I feel as good as I felt in my 20s. I recently started training for triathlons and did my first race in Key West last December!”

Conscientious about taking care of himself, his employees and his clients, Travis says about the success of Noel Painting, “When your name is on the line, you have to give 200% every day.”