The Groutsmith | Don’t Replace It, Restore It

The Groutsmith

Enter Nick Smith, owner of The Groutsmith. The Florida native grew up next to the founders of The Groutsmith franchise in Sarasota saying, “He’s like family.”

Smith had an established career in the restaurant industry and was starting to look for a venture of his own. On his way to a food truck convention he called his old family friend and viola, found that new venture.

Smith says, “In the restaurant you wait for everyone to come to you, now I get out and drive around on my own schedule and the way this product works, I get blown away by it every time.”

No high-powered machines are used; the pressure can actually damage porous grout. The type of cleaning Smith does is all by hand. No big hoses are hauled through your front door and the cleaners are PH neutral which helps to preserve the grout sealers.

Smith also has a patented product that is a bit like liquid cement, finding the grooves to reseal the grout. Besides cleaning, he can change the color of your grout, giving your flooring a fresh new look that often makes your space look more open.

While Smith is in his first year of business, The Groutsmith has been around for 24, restoring floors for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.