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When selecting a wine at a local restaurant or in a local retailer, sometimes the choices can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to consider from the type of grape you like or want, to the food you are having with it, to how much you want to spend.

And now, more than ever, consumers are also interested in the story behind the wine.

lay Mauritson’s story is a good one….so are his wines. His family has been growing grapes in Sonoma since 1868. They had amassed 4000 acres by the early 60’s, when the Army Corp of Engineers took almost all of it to develop Lake Sonoma.

Their vineyards now underwater, the Mauritsons were left with a mere 700 acres, a big portion of which was used for sheep grazing.

A bit of a black sheep himself, Clay went to college to play football with no intentions of coming home to work on the family farms. After being sidelined with an injury one summer, instead of tending to the family vines, he got a job in the cellar of a nearby winery.

That’s when Clay had an epiphany: If some of the biggest names in the business were buying Mauritson grapes, they must be pretty darn good. Why weren’t they making their own wines?

ventually big producers bought some of those smaller wineries and they ended the grape contracts with the Mauritsons. Clay seized the opportunity, borrowed money from his father (who until this point was opposed to the idea of making wine) and in 1998 released the first Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel.

It’s still a favorite today. Its nose is spicy and full of dark fruit. In the glass you’ll get blackberries and smooth tannins. It’s really lush and well balanced; great with food.

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Any zinfandel you see with Mauritson on the label is a keeper. He makes some lovely single vineyard zins that are quite special.

But as for a white, the Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc is ideal for both the climate and cuisine in our area.  It’s tropical and citrusy without being too acidic as some sauvignon blancs can be.

nfiltered Unfined Wines is the Florida distributor for Mauritson Wines. We take pride in finding quality small production wines from all over the world and getting them into your hands.

We are also local; our corporate office and warehouse is in Fort Myers. Look for our wines in specialty shops and in some of S.W. Florida’s finest restaurants.